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About Ricardo Navarro, MD

Dr. Ricardo Navarro is a local Internal Medicine physician who practices medicine in his hometown of Lake Wales, Florida. Prior to completing his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, he worked as an Emergency Medicine Technician, as well as a Mental Health Associate at Winter Haven Hospital. He obtained his medical degree in Osteopathic Medicine from LECOM, Bradenton campus, where he solidified his foundation of the basic medical sciences and the principles of osteopathic medicine. After medical school, he completed his training in internal medicine at Bayonet Point Trauma Center in Hudson, FL.

Throughout his education and training, Dr. Navarro came to understand that the human body is an intricate system with the amazing capability of healing itself under the right circumstances. It is his philosophy that the role of a physician is not to completely change the chemistry of an individual’s body with medications but rather to educate his patients on their disease process in an easy-to-understand manner. Dr. Navarro firmly believes that the ancient phrase “ Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” combined with today’s evidence-based medicine can not only expand the human life span but increase the quality of life as well.

Languages: English and Spanish