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Braulys Alvarado

Braulys is originally from Cuba. He became a doctor in 2002, a Family Medical Specialist in 2006, and moved up to General Surgery in 2015. He was practicing medicine in Cuba and in Venezuela for approximately 12 years. He was Vice-Director and the Head of the Surgical Department in a General Hospital in Aragua Venezuela from 2012 to 2015. Braulys holds one license from AAPC (CPC) and from ABSA (Certified Surgical Assistant SA-C). Braulys’ first experience in the medical field in the USA was as Medicare Risk Adjustment Coder with Orlando Family Physicians in 2016 and also occupied other positions such as a Clinical Documentation Specialist and MRA Team Supervisor for more than 5 years.


He LOVES spending time with his family, reading books, and listening to great music. He is so happy and grateful to be part of the VeriMED IPA family.

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